What We Do

Our mission is to provide key strategic counsel to technology providers that ultimately accelerates their business objectives. We deliver this counsel because we believe digital transformation and cloud are disrupting the legacy market, and vendors are struggling to make sense of it all.

dbInsight advises data platform and analytics vendors from an independent POV so that they can make the more informed business decisions. We deliver advisory services and research built on a foundation of deep data management, advanced analytics, and cloud industry knowledge and expertise. 

We uniquely publish independent research that is made available to the dbInsight community, extending to both vendors and enterprise customers.


For Technology Providers

dbInsight provides the independent reality check to:

  • Review your product roadmap, identifying opportunities based on our assessment of the competitive landscape

  • Brainstorm on how cloud-native architecture can work for your product

  • Advise on bootstrapping vs. partnering strategies

  • Help you position your product, identify the right audience, validate and sharpen your messaging

  • How to sell your product based on the comparative strengths and weaknesses of rival offerings?

We back our advisory services with independently-authored and reviewed research, plus deliverables for sharpening sales and product development strategy.

We deliver related services such as:

  • White papers, webinars, and video posts providing independent validation of your positioning and messaging.

  • Speaking engagements providing our view of your competitive environment or strategic issues facing your market, and your audience.

  • Onsite workshops pinpointing product strategy, positioning, messaging, and audience targeting


For Enterprises

We will uniquely provide free access to a library of product analysis and market landscape research to the community that would otherwise require going behind analyst firm paywalls to access. Watch this space.

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